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Five Tips to Recruit and Retain Diesel Technician Talent


No matter the size of your operation, these quick tips from George Arrants, Chair of the American Truck Associations' TMC SuperTech Competition, will help you get a big leg up in recruiting and keeping top talent. 

1. Get actively involved with your local schools

Join the local high school, community college, or technical college's advisory committee to help shape the curriculum, typically only a 1.5-hour commitment twice a year. Reach out to the program coordinator and offer to guest lecture or host students for on-site shop visits. 

You'll get better access to the talent pool and find recruits that fit your skills needs. To learn more, contact your local ASE Education Foundation state alliance manager.

2. Re-examine your benefits package

Go beyond basic 401K or healthcare and offer benefits that demonstrate your commitment to their future. 

Pay for a recruit's new toolset to save them a major expense, and offer them full ownership of the tools once they've stayed with your fleet for a certain period of time. Tool manufacturers do offer employer discounts. A clean, safe shop environment and a family-owned company atmosphere can also make a difference. 

3. Have a common-sense approach to hiring 

Judge applicants based on the skills you need, not just what looks good on paper. Design your hiring process in a way that gives the recruit an opportunity to showcase their full potential. 

Work with the team that leads the hiring process – and make sure they understand what you're looking for so they prioritize candidates based on your needs. 

4. Invest in their continuing education

Give your technicians the time and freedom to get off-the-job training, and pay for it through tuition reimbursement. This will help keep your best talent focused and motivated – and it's cheaper than hiring a new technician. 

Did you know?

Many OEMs offer training programs and certification classes that can keep technicians up-to-date on the latest technologies, and even your lubricant supplier can help. The Mobil Delvac­­­™ team frequently works with fleets to educate their technicians on the latest lubrication technologies, services, and trends.

5. Build a mentorship framework

From day one, assign experienced team members to serve as mentors for new talent. They'll soak up their experience while you ensure that someone on the team is looking out for their best interests. In the long run, it's a win-win situation. 


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Five Tips to Recruit and Retain Diesel Technician Talent

It’s no secret. Successful fleets have great diesel technicians. Industry expert George Arrants shares five tips on finding and retaining top talent.

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