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Take Care Of Your Cooling System

Antifreeze is an often misunderstood product. Not only does antifreeze keep the water in your systems from freezing up, it also keeps your system from overheating. Keeping your fluids running at the correct temperatures helps maintain the life of the machinery and extends your productivity. It reduces maintenance cost and downtime and protects your system from extreme temperatures, corrosion, water pump failure, and more.

If your cooling system goes without care for extended periods of time, it can lead to air pockets bursting inside your engine, leading to pockmarks, irregularities, and corrosion. This, in turn, can cause cracked engine blocks, broken pistons, and total engine failure.

Whatever your machinery, we have the anti-freeze additives for you. Our approachable and experienced staff is trained in coolants and will guide you in what is best for your operation.

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Save yourself the stress and cost of downtime and ask us how to care for your cooling system.

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