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Over the past forty years, STERN has sworn to provide exceptional customer service, premium products, and family values to enhance customer experiences. Putting the customer first is a priority for STERN. Developing a trusting partnership is key to supporting our mission. STERN’s success stems from its loyal and committed group of employees who tirelessly support their customers. Each employee at STERN remains devoted to truly understanding the customer and their environment. As part of our retailer support program, our team works with you to understand the challenges your business is facing and helping to find solutions to overcome them. STERN has developed the staff and partnerships to provide retailer support in a number of areas within your business to help you succeed. 

  • Time & cost savings 
  • Marketing & promotions 
  • Dealer brand value 
  • Legislation & regulation

Your time matters

What is an hour worth to you? Are there other things you could be working on? We know time is one of the most valuable resources for a small business owner. Managing your time and costs efficiently is an essential part of running a successful business. STERN has resources available to take time-consuming tasks off your plate, like automated fuel monitoring and credit card processing compliance assistance. We can build a personalized program focused on your retail store to address the issues you deal with on a daily basis. As a small business, there may be some tasks that feel overwhelming, or there’s not enough time in the day to take it on. STERN has Industry Specialists on hand to help with everything from social media management to regulation compliance, and so much more.

Marketing Support

Nurev Partnership

Marketing services will be provided by NuRev Group. STERN and NuRev have an exclusive partnership that allows STERN customers special access to marketing services. NuRev has worked with a variety of industries but specializes in the gas and oil industry. From convenience stores to bulk fuel delivery services, NuRev has experience figuring out what works and what strategies could be improved. At NuRev, they believe that all businesses should have the opportunity to thrive. They help their clients achieve growth through the thoughtful planning and execution of marketing and business strategies that deliver measurable results.

Google My Business and Facebook Setup and Optimization

Get found online. NuRev will optimize your profiles with the correct keywords and business categories to help you get found by potential customers.

• Ensure your company and brand are represented correctly when someone searches for your services or company name online
• Allows you to be found without needing a full website

Text / Mobile Marketing

Run 2 monthly promotions. The NuRev team will handle setup and ongoing campaign with input from client.

• Keeps customers coming back to your store
• More than 80% of text messages are opened (vs. email which are typically around 20%)
• Analytics to track what offers people engage with the most

Social Media Management

2-3 monthly updates to social media channels. Their team will handle content calendar, copywriting, and graphic design for posts.

• Keep customers up-to-date with important news and information
• Promote store specials and community events through social media on a regular schedule

Additional Marketing Services Available

  • Logo and Brand Design
  • Direct Mail Series
  • Custom Website
  • Local Search Growth and Monitoring

Fuel Branding Opportunities

A key decision a gasoline station owner must make is deciding between branded and unbranded gasoline. Lucky for you, STERN offers both.


Marathon Petroleum

Marathon gasoline is certified Top Tier, providing higher levels of STP detergent additive for even greater cleaning power. Marathon gasoline fights the accumulation of harmful deposits and improves the performance of your vehicle's engine. You can be confident knowing Marathon gasoline provides the quality your guests can trust. 

Marathon Details

  • Established in 1887
  • Headquartered in Findlay, Ohio 
  • One of the largest U.S. Refiners
  • Extensive terminal and pipeline network

Other branding options available.



STERN's Unbranded Fuel meets all federal and state regulations, which includes a set amount of additives. 

STERN's Unbranded Fuel Options

  • 2 Dyed Diesel
  • Tesoro 1 Diesel
  • Gasoline Unleaded
  • Gasoline Unleaded with ethanol
  • Diesel 1

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