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If you’re ready to enjoy the Stern Company Advantage, becoming a new customer is easy. We are available by phone, at one of our service locations, or through your distributor sales representative. You’ll have full access to our friendly and well-informed team of experts, our numerous products (fuel, gasoline, lubricants, propane, and anti-freeze), and our multiple services (oil analysis, MEG Corp partnership, and plant studies).

When you fill out the credit application, you will receive a new customer packet with product information, sale tax exempt forms, and Stern history. We require our fuel customers to be on credit card payment only so drivers can collect at the time they leave. If you are on our card program, Stern customers get a cash discount of 5c/gallon on fuel only. Business to business customers are encouraged to contact us about long term contracts and payment terms. Talk to your field representative today!

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