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STERN Becomes the Authorized Mobil Lubricants Distributor in Nebraska


STERN Co. has been selected as the Authorized Mobil Lubricants distributor in the state of Nebraska. STERN was founded in Freeman, SD in 1976. The family-owned company provides bulk lubricants, fuel, and propane along with an array of services to customers throughout its five-state territory.

STERN’s primary focus is to create a seamless transition for businesses that wish to continue to utilize the Mobil Lubricant brand and to continue providing exceptional service to their existing Mobil customers.

If you aren't currently using Mobil lubricants, contact us so we can help your business, too!

We have been part of the Mobil family for nearly five decades and it's an honor to be the only authorized Mobil distributor in the state of Nebraska. Our goal at STERN is to enhance our customers' profitability, sustainability, and viability and we look forward to building lasting relationships across the Cornhusker state."

Scott Stern


STERN has a long and successful history working with Mobil Lubricants. After signing its first Mobil Lubricants Distributor contract in 1983, STERN is proud to currently serve five states with a full line of Mobil products and services.

Full Service

STERN has locations in Rapid City, SD, Aberdeen, SD, Box Elder, SD, Rosholt, SD, Council Bluffs, IA, and Gibbon, NE. The family business services 300,000 square miles across five states and serves more than 2,000 customers. 

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STERN Becomes the Authorized Mobil Lubricants Distributor in Nebraska

STERN Co. is now the Authorized Mobil Lubricants Distributor in the state of Nebraska. This comes after a long and successful relationship with Mobil.

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